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Breathe Better 101 with Dana Santas, Pro Sports Breathing, Mobility & Mind-Body Coach

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Breathe Better 101 with Dana Santas, Pro Sports Breathing, Mobility & Mind-Body Coach

Dana Santas, the "MobilityMaker"
41 ratings

An online course that teaches you how to leverage breathing biomechanics to move better, feel better and perform better in sport and daily life.

Whether you’re a coach, trainer or athlete—or anyone who simply wants to leverage better breathing to move, feel and perform better—this course is for you. Presented in a webinar-style format, Breathe Better 101 includes more than 2.5 hours of content with downloadable resources, including a printable slide workbook for note taking and a programming pdf with links to videos of positional breathing exercises and instructions for their application.

Breathe Better 101 simplifies the complexities to arm you with true comprehension of breathing biomechanics basics—enabling you to utilize effective exercises in both personal and professional settings with confidence and proficiency. Breathing optimally is a super power capable of producing profound changes…but it’s not rocket science. That’s why Dana created this program to empower you with the basic education and simple-yet-effective foundational exercises to start changing lives.

As a mind-body coach who has extensively studied, lectured on and trained breathing biomechanics in professional sports for many years, Dana has helped hundreds of elite athletes across all sports access the power of optimal breathing mechanics. And now she’s sharing the fundamentals of her work in this easy-to-follow format.

Here’s just a partial list of what you’ll learn:

  • Breathing’s Impact on How You Move, Feel & Think
  • Biggest Myths About Breathing
  • What the Diaphragm Is/How it Functions
  • Why Nose Breathing Matters
  • Why Breathing = Posture
  • How/Why Ribs Need to Move
  • How to Get Athlete Buy-In on Training Breathing
  • Positional Breathing Drills for Immediate Gains in Shoulder, T-Spine & Hip Mobility
  • What Exercises are Appropriate for Warm Up, Superset, Cool Down, & Rehab
  • How to Practice & Program Breathing Exercises
  • How to Use Breathing for Mindfulness
  • Breathing’s Role in Recovery
  • An Easy Breathing Exercise to Induce Sleep

Course Outline:

  • Lesson 1: Intro: Welcome
  • Lesson 2: Why Breathing Matters
  • Lesson 3: 5 Popular Myths about Breathing
Lesson 4: PRI & KISS
  • Lesson 5: Breathing Better for Better Movement Pt. 1: Anatomy & Biomechanics
  • Lesson 6: Breathing Better for Better Movement Pt 2: The Exercises (Why, How & When)
  • Lesson 7: Breathing Better to Think/Feel Better
  • Lesson 8: Breathing’s Impact on Autism: My family’s personal experience
  • Lesson 9: Breathing’s Role in Recovery
  • Lesson 10: Conclusion: Breathing is a Super Power

-Downloadable/Printable Slide Workbook for Taking Notes

-PDF with Exercise Links and Programming Specifics


There are no time limitations* on access to this course, and anyone who purchases it will receive all related updates. *Access is "forever" barring any unforeseen disruption to the platform or transfer to an updated version or different platform of which you would be notified. 

Refunds can be requested within 48 hours of purchase, provided none of the downloadable content has been downloaded; once downloaded, there are no refunds. And please respect copyright laws—do not share downloads.

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