Mindset Reboot 7-Day Meditation Program with Dana Santas - Mobility Maker

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As a mind-body coach in pro sports, known as the “Mobility Maker,” I train pro athletes to be optimally mobile in their bodies, but I also help them optimize their mental states to perform at their highest levels. I designed this program to share those same mindset techniques with anyone looking to leverage the power of a clear head--not just athletes.

In fact, this program is not sport-specific at all; it's about being a better human--decreasing anxiety, self doubt and negativity--which helps everyone perform better in their lives, regardless of career. And it works for beginners to seasoned meditators, alike, because it not only reinforces the fundamentals, but also gives each person the opportunity to customize their focus on individual goals and personal growth ().

To make the meditations as efficient & effective as possible, I kept them all in the 10-minute range (everyone can spare 10 min per day!) and used background music scientifically designed to elicit Theta brain waves—our subconscious’s most suggest-able state.

And, unlike other meditation courses that end after you complete them, this program is designed for evergreen use. The order of meditations is progressive initially, culminating in the Day 7 “Daily Power Reboot,” which encompasses elements from all the preceding meditations; after the first week, any of the seven ten-minute meditations can and should be used for daily use, based on your personal goals and needs:

Meditation 1: Start Here and Now 11:44
Meditation 2. Connect Mind and Body 11:47
Meditation 3. Reset Your Perspective 9:20
Meditation 4. Cultivate Gratitude 10:05
Mediation 5. Empower Your Internal Voice 9:29
Meditation 6. Let Go 7:00
Mediation 7. Daily Power Reboot 10:14

No subscriptions or limitations. Once you purchase the program, all seven meditations are yours to download* and keep forevermore.

Are you ready to stop wasting time thinking about ridiculous things that don't matter?


All of that garbage in your head is more hurtful than helpful, making it harder for you to focus on and accomplish the things that do matter.

When you sweep the BS from your mind, you can:
  • Concentrate better.
  • Deal with stress more effectively.
  • Feel more confident and fulfilled.
  • Stop focusing on negatives.
  • Be present, happier and more productive in your life.

Give me 10 minutes per day for the next seven days, and I’ll guide you through the process of taking out the trash and restoring your focus.

You’ll learn to set your mind straight the same way a Cy Young MLB pitcher does before he takes the mound, or Conne Smythe NHL goaltender does before he hits the ice…and you’ll become a better, happier human for it.

I look forward to being your guide in this program!

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(9 ratings)
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Mindset Reboot 7-Day Meditation Program with Dana Santas - Mobility Maker

9 ratings
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